Dear Hackers,

In this article I want to inform you about br3aking c0de, a hackmeeting & hacklab đź‘˝, an event of hacking alternative and different. Speak freely without censorship. Assistance only for guests or through acceptance of call for paper CFP. We are pleased to present the call for papers for br3akingc0de! We are accepting short talks of 30min and long talks of ~1h.

We acceptance the call for papers until 15 April by br3akingc0de at protonmail dot com I only can say that, are you interested to come to a Spain? If so, we are a hackmeeting & hacklab therefore we have no money because we have no sponsorships.


Different and original research, submit you CFP on topics such as: 3D Printers, Lookpicking, Social Engineering, Reversing, Exploiting, Satellite Hacking, Internet of Things (IoT), Development of Tools, Scripts, Python, Web Security, Anonymity Privacy, Forensics & Anti-Forensics, Hardware Hacking, Wireless Security, Cracking, Cryptography, Steganography, 0-Day, GSM, GPRS and CDMA Security, LeaTestingks, Hacking Radio, Antivirus Evasion, Embedded Systems Technologies, RFID Security, VoIP Security, IPv6 Security, Attack and Defense Techniques, Application, Aplicattion Security, , Fuzzing, Code Auditing, Virtualization Security, Malicious Code, Databases Security, Viruses, Worms, and Trojans, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science, Bio Hacking.

Security services and agencies, there will be Hackers everywhere but we are not cybercriminals. In first edition of br3aking c0de, there was a curiosity, the night before to the event someone up a wireless access point without any authentication…


Only for your eyes, a few beers, a nice meal, friends and nobody else. Nothing will be public and all the things we talk will be privated. More information: br3aking c0de

Se you soon.